The Static Monsters Weight Classes

14 Jun , 2016  

To keep everything in check for our weight classes they will remain the same as those used by the Australian Strongman Alliance. ( Details they have laid out for their weight classes can be found directly in the below link:

ASA Weight Classes


As the Static Monsters is an international event, we will set the weight classes in both Pounds and Kilograms:

Womens Classes:

under 62.5kg = under 137.5lbs

under 72.5kg = under 159.5lbs

under 82.5kg = under 181.5lbs



Mens Classes:

under 80kg = under 176lbs

under 90kg = under 198lbs

under 105kg = under 231lbs



Masters Class is set for anyone that turns 40 before the event. 2017’s cut off date is the 27th of October. A competitors birthdate will be required with their entry form for verification. Full details here:

The Masters are coming to the Monsters


Any questions, please get in contact with us. Weigh ins can be done 24hours in advance or less.

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