The Static Monsters

The Static Monsters was put together as a small Strongman Style Push/Pull competition in November 2015 by Strongman Gold Coast and Coco’s Gym. With the Log Lift and the Axle Deadlift being iconic strength sports events and also being well known and practiced among strongman athletes, it was the perfect fit to get people to have a go. The competition was then opened up to allow more people to be able to compete against eachother under the same rules and conditions. Year two we had 9 events across 3 countries.

As of April 2017 we have 11 different countries running 29 events to give people the opportunity to not only try strongman for the first time but also to give competitors and strongman sport enthusiasts the opportunity to compete against their friends all around the world. With the same set of rules and equipment regulations as well as the event being held on the same weekend it creates a level playing field and the worlds largest strongman scorecard. Over 500 people are expected to compete across 8 weight classes, 4 womens and 4 mens with a subset of scoring for those over 40 years in the masters division, you are guaranteed to be up against some strong people in your class, no matter where you are competing.

We look forward to seeing this event grow and create opportunites for event organisers and strength sports enthusiasts for years to come.

Chad Croft

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