Carl Sherry – The Static Monsters 2017

6 Oct , 2017  

New log world record How does that sound? Carl’s training has been going exceptionally well since the Static Monsters in 2016 where he hit a 115kg log. In training recently we have seen him strict press a 120kg log. The current mens under 80kgs log world record is 136.5kgs. October 28 and 29th 2017, I […]


Terry Rady – The Static Monsters 2017

5 Oct , 2017  

2016’s under 90kgs Worlds Strongest man, Terry Rady has come on board to compete in The Static Monsters for 2017! His goal? To make it to the Static Monsters World Championships on the Gold Coast, in Australia in 2018!   Terry’s name may be familiar to some of you after his win in the Official […]


Ainslee Gordon verse Kate Mitchell-Parker

18 Sep , 2017  

Ainslee Gordon verse Kate Mitchell-Parker The Static Monsters for 2017 will see some super athletes from all around the world going head to head. In the womens under 82.5kgs class we will see the super match up of Kate Mitchell Parker, fresh off her second placing at the Strongest Woman in the world and last […]


Kristin Danielson Rhodes – 2017 Static Monsters San Diego

18 Sep , 2017  

We definitely have a few of the strongest men in the world competing in The Static Monsters for 2017, but what about the women? Lets have a look at one of the strongest women walking the world right now, Kristin Danielson Rhodes. Kristin has been competing for 12 years and on the weekend (16/17 September […]

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Sean Demarinis verse Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf

14 Sep , 2017  

Sean “Strawberry” Demarinis vs Jean-Stephen “Coco” Coraboeuf The Static Monsters for 2017 will see some super athletes from all around the world going head to head. This year a good match up based on size and lifts will be Sean Demarinis and Jean Stephen Coraboeuf. Both of them will also end up at the upper […]

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Colm Woulfe verse Stan Carradine

14 Sep , 2017  

International Athlete Matchups for The Static Monsters for 2017 The Static Monsters for 2017 will see some super athletes from all around the world going head to head. On the larger side of the field we have Stan Carradine (USA) vs Colm Woulfe (NZ) Lets have a look at these two on paper and you […]

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2018 world log and deadlift championships, World Log and Deadlift Championships

The Static Monsters World Championships 2018 – Venue

15 Aug , 2017  

  The Gold Coast Arts Centre:   The Gold Coast Arts Centre is one of the most spacious entertainment arenas on the Gold Coast. Offering 1135 seats in two tiers and brilliant views of the stage from wherever you seat, we have chosen the best venue to show off the biggest Log Lifts and Axle […]


The Static Monsters World Map – 2017

17 Jul , 2017  

Looking for a Static Monsters Event in your area? As we progress along to our event organisers having their venue’s finalised for the big weekend (October 28 and 29), the Static Monstets World Map is coming together. So far 20 of the 34 locations are organised. Find those below: Want more information on the individual […]


35 Events for The Static Monsters

4 Jul , 2017  

Back in April we posted we had grown to a total of 29 events around the world and at the time it was across 11 countries. Since then a few more have pulled together their competition spaces and we now have 12 countries involved with 35 events. Additional events have come online in Canada, USA […]


The Masters are coming to the Monsters

11 Apr , 2017  

For the year of 2017 we will introduce a scoring system that will also recognise those who are 40 years or older, or “The Masters.”   A regular need in local strongman competitions is a placement for masters competitors in strongman events. The only problem normally is the lack of numbers to make up a […]

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