2018 log rankings, 2018 worldwide, 2018 worldwide rankings

The Static Monsters Worldwide 2018 – Womens Log Rankings by Xplosive Ape

31 Oct , 2018  

Xplosive Ape presents The Static Monsters Worldwide 2018 Womens Log Rankings: Weights and information noted as are judged and scored and submitted by the individual event organisers. Masters Classes (born October 26th 1978 or earlier). Weights listed are in Kilograms. If two athletes tie on the same weight, the athlete that weighed in at the […]

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2018 world log and deadlift championships, World Log and Deadlift Championships

The Static Monsters World Championships – Bring on 2019

14 Jun , 2018  

The inaugural running of The Static Monsters World Championships happened on May 20th 2018, at the Home of The Arts, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Athletes from 10 countries came together to compete based on them qualifying in the Static Monsters Worldwide event in October 2017. For 2019 the chase to get a chance to compete […]

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2018 world log and deadlift championships, World Log and Deadlift Championships

SMWC 2018 – Full Event Video

22 May , 2018  

The Live Stream for 2018’s Static Monsters World Championships was by far the most successful stream we have ever had. 1000 (One Thousand) people tuned in to watch it. 43% were Australian / 57% International Canada 20% USA 10% United Kingdom 8.6% Singapore 6.8% New Zealand 4.1% Thailand 3.8% Philippines 2.0% After that we had […]

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2018 world log and deadlift championships, World Log and Deadlift Championships

SMWC2018 – Competitor Lists

10 May , 2018  

Below is the full list of competitors for the 2018 running of The Static Monsters World Championships: 22 International competitors are making their way to Australia for the World Championships 10 Countries will be represented at this event – Australia, Canada, England, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, USA. The Mens Under 80kgs Class […]

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2018 world log and deadlift championships

Coco’s Gym – SMWC2018

17 Apr , 2018  

Coco’s Gym is a major supporter of the Static Monsters World Championships and has been behind the original concept of The Static Monsters since it started in 2015. Coco’s Gym offers the most amazing selection of storngman equipment (that you will be competing with for the upcoming World Championships!) plus some brilliant strength and strongman […]

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Sean Demarinis verse Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf

14 Sep , 2017  

Sean “Strawberry” Demarinis vs Jean-Stephen “Coco” Coraboeuf The Static Monsters for 2017 will see some super athletes from all around the world going head to head. This year a good match up based on size and lifts will be Sean Demarinis and Jean Stephen Coraboeuf. Both of them will also end up at the upper […]

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Belle of the Bar – Static Monsters 2016

13 Mar , 2016  

Static Monsters is very proud to have Belle of the Bar working with us to bring their version of Static Monsters, a womens only event, on the day, 27th November 2016! Check out their release below: BIG, BIG news. Belle of the Bar is partnering with Strongman Gold Coast out of Australia to bring to […]

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Static Monsters – Equipment Regulations

6 Mar , 2016  

To keep the events on an even playing field across the world we have come up with some regulations to suit competitors and event organisers alike. The goal is to make this event accessible for competitors of all levels around the world. To do that, event organisers need to have access to similar equipment. With […]

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The greatest of Strength is seen at the Static Monsters

1 Mar , 2016   Video

Eben Le Roux, very well known in the strongman circles in the Southern Hemisphere (especially since he is currently the Southern Hemispheres Strongest Man), knows how to deadlift! Ebens back strength is phenominal as seen in his fantastic ability with Atlas stones and huge deadlifts where has has pulled 400kgs at the Arnolds Australia in […]

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How to

How to Stream your own Sports Event

29 Feb , 2016  

How to stream your own sports event – Part 1 Written: November 2015 after the successful streaming of The Static Monsters (in Australia, I mention Australia as we aren’t known for having the best internet connection speeds) Length: 3000 words   So I put together a unique sporting event and I wanted people to be […]

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