The Static Monsters World Championships

In less than three years the popularity of The Static Monsters seen an unprecedented growth. It all began in November 2015 with one strongman push/pull competition, consisting of max log press and max 18″ deadlift, held on the Gold Coast, Australia with 27 competitors. In its second year, we saw 3 countries get on board with 9 separate events all run simultaneously, with standardised equipment, scoring and rules. This year, in 2017 there will be over 30 events across more than 10 countries, again being run simultaneously with standardised equipment, rules and scoring for a truly global competition, allowing any competitor to see how they fare against the rest of the world.

With the amazing growth and popularity of this event, there was only one clear choice to bring this competition to the next stage in its evolution; in 2018, the very first Static Monsters World Championships will be held on the Gold Coast, with the best international lifters being invited to compete head to head.

The only way to qualify? Compete in any of the upcoming Static Monsters events happening around the world on October 28/29, 2017. The full list of those events is here:

The Static Monsters World Championships for 2018 is being held on the Gold Coast, Australia, May 20th 2018. Event starts at 8:00am. Purchase tickets, live stream link and competitor details below!

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The Static Monsters World Championships 2018 – Entry Form
After qualifying during the 2017 Static Monsters world-wide events, all competitors that accepted a spot in the World Championships were
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