Accommodation Options – SMWC 2020

Planning your accommodation options for the Static Monsters World Championships 2020? Getting to Columbus is pretty important in your trek to the Static Monsters World Championships. So flying in, there are two International Airports at Columbus Ohio. The one you are likely to fly into is the John Glenn International Airport. The airport code for John Glenn International Airport is “CMH”.

The John Glenn Airport to Fortress Obetz (the competition venue) is only a 19 minute drive. If you are planning on staying in the city centre, its only a 6 minute drive into the Columbus from the John Glenn Airport. Now, lets look at where the event is located:

Two hotels that are incredibly close by (and also have a few fast food restaurants within walking distance are the Quality Inn and Suites, Frusta Drive Obetz, which is about $70 USD per night. Then the Holiday Inn Express at Rathemell Court Obetz, which is about $120 USD per night.

The main city near to Obetz is Columbus Ohio, Obetz is part of Columbus and is just one of the nearby suburbs of the Columbus city centre. The centre of the city is only 18 minutes drive away from the competition venue.

(Obetz is South East of Columbus in the below map)