Records – The Static Monsters

Over the years of the Worldwide event and the World Championships the lifts have continued to grow. Below you can see the progress of the greatest lifts as well as use them as a guide and goal for your own lifting.


Records – 2019 World Champs
2019 World Championships – First year with Masters Men and Women   Women: U62.5kgs Log...
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Records – 2018 Worldwide
2018 Worldwide (Adaptive Classes added) Womens 62.5kgs Log – Rachel Pyron – 72.6kgs – USA...
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Records – 2018 World Champs
2018 World Champs (The first World Champs) Womens 62.5kgs Log – Alira Verity – 67.5kgs...
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Records – 2017 Worldwide
2017 Worldwide (Womens and Mens Masters Classes added) Womens 62.5kgs Log – Joann Hagadorn –...
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Records – 2016 Worldwide
2016 Worldwide (3 womens classes added) Womens 62.5kgs Log -Joann Hagadorn 65.8kgs – USA Deadlift...
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Records – 2015 Worldwide
2015 Worldwide (The first one!!!) – as this was the first event and a local...
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