Static Monsters – Equipment Regulations

Stand Or Submit brought the equipment up a notch with the specially made "Paddle Wheel" for the axle event at the 2019 World Championships

To keep the events on an even playing field across the world we have come up with some regulations to suit competitors and event organisers alike. The goal is to make this event accessible for competitors of all levels around the world. To do that, event organisers need to have access to similar equipment. With the sport of Strongman having no real set rules other than “If it is in front of you, pick it up, carry it or press it overhead,” there is no set guidelines to how equipment should be made, unlike Powerlifting of Olympic Lifting.

To that end, we have made guidelines that will suit organiser both north and south of the equator. Obviously, one of the largest audiences for strongman is the USA and uses the older imperial measurements (pounds, inches etc) whereas most of the rest of the world uses the metric system (Kilos and centimetres). This is why there is some leniency for the measurements of the equipment.

Logs in the Southern Hemisphere are typically 8 inches in diameter for women and 10 inches in diameter for men. Northern hemisphere the logs are typically 10 inches in diameter for women and 12 inches in diameter for men. These are generalisations and we understand that each competition is different. Also when making axles, the axles made in the imperial system are marinally different in size to the metric system due to 2 inches is slightly different in diameter to 50mm.


Below are the guidelines for impelment sizes:


Restrictions: Log Diameters –

Womens log diameters between 8 inches and 10 inches (20 to 26cms)

****** Women are allowed to use a larger log if they are to choose and if the log is light enough for them to begin with******

Mens log diameters between 10 inches and 12 inches (25 to 31cms)

Distance between Handles – 55 to 70cms.

(Log diamaters larger than listed are allowed for each class, they are however not allowed to be smaller)



Deadlift –

Bar diameter – 52mm maximum, 47mm minimum

Pickup height –

Bottom of bar no higher than 42.5cms (*** This is the most important height measurement for the deadlift for fairness of the lift. Base your bar setup on the “bottom of bar” height)