The Static Monsters World Champs 2020 – Qualifying

The 2019 World Championships can be seen in the below video. For more information on how you qualify and compete in and what to expect for the World Championships in Columbus Ohio, USA, please read on below.

To Qualify and compete:

  • The top ten Monster Totals from each of the 10 classes (plus Adaptive classes) will receive invitations to compete
  • You have to compete in the weight class you qualified in. Due to the large number of athletes waiting for a spot in each weight class, we can not allow you to move weight classes.
  • This year is the first year we will have adaptive classes for Women and Men at the World Championships
  • If someone does not take up their invitation to compete, the next person in the rankings will be given the offer. So after the first person says no to their invitation, the person that came 11th in that class will then recieve the invitation to bring the numbers back up to 10 per weight class. This will continue down the rankings until all ten spots are filled for each of the 10 weight classes. This also requires you to be fair to those coming in the rankings after you. If you don’t plan on taking your spot, you need to let us know so that we can give the next athlete in line as much time as possible to plan their entry to the competition.
  • The top 3 from each weight class from the 2019 World Championships have also qualified and will have spots held for them at the World Championships. This gives a potential of 13 spots for each of the eight weight classes (not including Adaptive).
  • There will be a fee to participate in the Static Monsters World Championships these are outlined further down.
  • There is no currently confirmed prizemoney for the event (as of November 2019). We are hoping to have some sponsors to come on board so that we may offer prize money by the time the event comes around.

Competition Equipment:

  • Equipment will be confirmed closer to the date of the event.
  • Adaptive Athetes will have suitable equipment available, this is still being finalised.

Weighing In:

  • Competitors will have the opportunity to weigh in on the day and up to 24 hours from the time of the first lift of the event. Competitors will have to weigh in, in Kilograms under their alloted weight class. For example if you compete as an Under 62.5kg woman, you will have to weigh in at 62.49kgs or less. However for 2020 the as the event is in the USA, the weights and bodyweights will all be in pounds (Freedom Units).


  • Scoring will work the same as your own Static Monsters qualifying event. A combined total of your best Log Press and best DeadLift within your class.
  • Attempts will have to be in 5 pound jumps at a minimum.

The Venue:

      • The Fotress Obetz – This is just a 15 minute Uber/Taxi ride from central Columbus, Ohio, USA
      • Columbus airport it roughly 20 minutes drive from the event venue.
      • There are two accommodation houses within 3 minutes drive of the venue. Those accommodation houses have multiple fast food outlets very close to them as well.

The Date of the event:

  • The Static Monsters World Championships for 2020 will be on July 25th 2020.
  • The World Championships will be a 1 day event for 2020.

Accepting your spot at The Static Monsters World Championships.

  • After final Monster Totals for 2019 are released all athletes are required to contact to indicate their preference for competing or not competing as soon as possible.
  • If an athlete turns down their invitation to compete, the sport will be offered to the next person in the rankings.
  • Entry forms will also be made available in the near future for competitors to sign up to be able to compete.
  • Final acceptance of entries will need to be done by Sunday march 31 2019 to allow any further competitors a chance to plan to compete if spots are turned down.
  • If athletes pull out from April 1st 2019 onwards or classes are not full, spots will be offered to locally based competitors to ensure a full field and good level of strength of competition for all athletes.

Entry Fee’s

  • Sign up before January 31 2020 – $100 USD
  • Sign up after February 1 and before April 30 2020 – $125 USD
  • Sign up after May 1st and before July 10th 2020 – $150 USD
  • Refunds – Once you sign up, there are no refunds.




Chad Croft and Chris Vachio