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Exciting News: The Static Monsters World Championships in Calgary This July 26-28!

Fitnesswoman doing deadlift using barbell in gym

Attention all strength athletes and enthusiasts! The anticipation is building as invitations have officially been sent out for the highly anticipated Static Monsters World Championships in Calgary, taking place from July 26th to 28th. If you’ve secured a spot in the top 10 of your category, make sure to promptly provide us with your contact information to ensure you receive your invitation without delay. With many invites already dispatched, it’s crucial not to wait any longer. However, if you find yourself in the top 15, don’t hesitate to send us your details as well, as we’re dedicated to filling all categories to the fullest. Stay in the loop by regularly checking our news section on the website, where we’ll be posting updates, static-chats, and the latest strength news to keep you informed and up to date. Get ready for an electrifying competition and an unforgettable experience at the Static Monsters World Championships – mark your calendars and secure your spot today!

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